Scrums of Anarchy are a gang of  IT professionals who ride virtual motorcycles along the information superhighway inside the brain of Craig Woollett. As someone who has worn many Professional Hats: Communications Consultant, Technical Project Manager, Solution designer, Trainer and Developer, I often feel I have a gang of outlaw programmers in my head 🙂

Some of my professional interests are

Broadband CPE and Access Technologies, (I was subject Matter Expert on this at Telstra BigPond).

Embedded System development especially in Medicine and Wellness applications (especially ANT+ enabled devices)

Mobile (Android) Development, cloud and Virtualisation technologies.

TR-069 systems for distributed device management, IPTV and SCADA systems

I am a member of Jetracing Triathlon club and SUVelo cycle club. I also am learning the piano with the ultimate goal of playing  Metallica’s unforgiven as a classical piece. I do believe Vinyl sounds better than CDs 🙂



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