FireBootCamp Retrospective

I have just completed 9 weeks of Firebootcamp, the code camp from hell which makes the SAS selection course appear like a ride on a Vespa with a decafe soya  late on the handle bars!
Despite this self inflicted torture, I have come to realise that no process, not even Agile is as effective as the synergies found in a well functioning team. I am reminded of the words of an old boss, the former CTO of Telstra Bigpond who told me “if you get the people stuff right, the technology will take care of itself”.

My team mates, Ludvik, Andrew and Michael all collaborated and shared. When one was down the others pulled him up, we shared each others pain and triumph.

Agile,Waterfall,whatever… , what is really important is working as a team for in working as a team the true nature of humanity is amplified.


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